Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

Charlie came to me at the ideal time. He was such a pleasure to work with. His parents, Josie and Austin were such amazing clients to work with. They were so sweet and patient coming all the way to me from Haughton, Louisiana. Dad kept me smiling with being so involved in the session. Most of the time, its the mother who participates most with the session. Austin was insistent on getting Charlies photos done in this cute little Carhart overall outfit. Once we got this shot, Dad was like, "I'm good with whatever at this point, I got the shot I wanted." Lol. I was so excited when i seen how awesome it turned out. Charlie made this session so easy. I think of this session anytime i see Carhart now. I love getting to do what i am passionate about for a living. I have always heard work doesn't feel like work when you Love what you do.

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This white water bucket is one of my favorite props. Baby Charlie certainly didn't seem to mind all the prop changes.
Charlie was so good for this froggy pose.
One of the sweetest families to come all the way to Plain Dealing LA to see me for their newborn photography session.